Thursday, December 1, 2011

Low Carb and Paleo

I have neglected to update the few readers I have of my new found desire to give the whole weight loss thing a try!

Here's the big news! I have been successful in losing some weight! I have lost almost 30 pounds since my highest weight. And as you may have guessed, I have been doing some hard work for a few months. Back in May of this year, I found the book, Why We Get Fat and What To Do About It by Gary Taubes. This is a fantastic, fascinating book. It answered every question I ever had about weight loss and lack thereof. Why can I exercise 7 hours a week with no weight loss? Why do I eat less than my skinny friends and weigh more than them? Why have I failed at diets so many times?

And so I ate a VERY low carb diet from June of this year until now. Like between 20 and 60 carbs per day. It has worked pretty well. And the thing I'm pleased with is that I'm NOT HUNGRY!!!!! Fat is a GOOD thing on this diet (and in my opinion, in general!) so you tend to feel completely satisfied after every meal. I hardly ever need to snack between meals, because my blood sugar is so stable. My hypoglycemia is a thing of the past.

So to bring you up to date even more... the story continues... I have been on a little cheating binge ever since Thanksgiving, and I figured out that I am getting burned out from spending 2 hours making meal plans and shopping lists. And the frustrating thing is that the food I am picking from my recipe books isn't tried and tested, so I have been striking out a lot and we've been stuck with this yucky food that makes it tempting to want to eat a sandwich instead (evil bread.)

Solution! I found this website that creates meal plans and grocery lists for you with the Paleo style of eating. Now a quick explanation- the type of low carb I've been doing has been no fruit (except for maybe a few berries here and there), no bread or grains of any sort, no potatoes or starchy vegetables, no legumes, no sugar, of course, and we even go easy on the nuts. We don't drink milk or eat yogurt, but we have been eating cheese and lots of yummy cream. So other than that, it's basically meat and vegetables.

Paleo has been called a cousin of low carb/Atkins type eating. Paleo philosophy believes we should eat like our cavemen ancestors. Ancient humans didn't know how to farm or domesticate animals. So on this diet, grains and processed things are forbidden, as well as dairy. Fruit and nuts are allowed, and some paleo diet people eat potatoes, as well.

So I have decided to make a switch to Paleo and give it a try for a couple of weeks. It has to be better than cheating and eating white bread, sugar filled jelly and processed peanut butter, right? I realize the Paleo style of eating will be higher carbs, but I am willing to trade that right now for the relief I feel in letting someone else make my menus and shopping lists!!!