Monday, February 15, 2010

Why am I irritatable, can't lose weight, and have brain fog?

I think I just found a book that embodies the reason I named this blog "It's Just Not That Simple."

The title doesn't explain very precisely what the authors mean, but a better title might be the title I chose for this post: "Why am I irritable, can't lose weight, and/or have brain fog?" Fuzzy refers not to physical fuzz like a stuffed animal :) but to brain fog, fuzzy, unclear thinking.

Yesterday I began the book, then without stopping read as fast as I could until I could could not read any more. It TOTALLY hits the nail on the head of what is wrong with me!!!! There are symptom questionnaires in the book, and apparently, I have symptoms for all three conditions, which are all hormone imbalances. The overweight problem is probably an under-active thyroid, the irritability is probably under-active or exhausted adrenal glands, and the brain fog, or more specifically for me- profound depression- is probably a deficiency in progesterone.

I feel really blessed to be piecing this together, I feel like I'm getting closer and closer to the full solution every day. I have been visiting a physicians office that is "integrated," meaning they use natural as well as purely medical therapies. The natural medical community is advocating more and more that people need thyroid medicine, even if their tests show "normal," like mine did. The book actually says the thyroid blood test is not even very accurate, but they suggest a salivary thyroid test instead, or a blood spot thyroid test. (For details, read the book. I'm afraid I can't pontificate on the technical stuff.)

But I highly, highly, highly, highly recommend the book, if you've been having any of these symptoms because it can save you from years of suffering & feeling like "half a person."

My new doctors have discovered that I am hypothyroid and have EXTREME adrenal exhaustion. They didn't test my progesterone levels, but I have been taking natural bioidentical progesterone from a vitamin store on my own with the result of a definite lift in my mood.

The authors also have a website, which I suggest you check out while you're waiting for Amazon to deliver your book (seriously, it is worth every penny of the ten bucks! Buy it!)

I'm sure it will take a while for me to feel better, as well as for that to show up on the scale, but I feel like I am now on the right track. I'll update you as time goes on with progress in the journey, as always. :)