Monday, March 16, 2009

Help! I've Fallen & I Can't Get Up!

Last update, the idea of 1 dessert a week was working really well for me. Basically, in a nut shell (or maybe a pie shell... chocolate shell... some sort of sweet shell, definitely) after Valentine's, it all went to pot!!! Now I am back in the mindset that I NEED the sweet things to make me happy.

And my exercising? I think March must be the time for me that the flu shot wears off. Last year I was so sick & it happened to me again this time. I had tonsilitis, strep, fever, coughing is still going on... nightmare.  So I am being smart and not exercising too much, too soon, but I'm still sad because all the momentum is gone, replaced by... I'm guessing... 5 pounds on the scale.  Too afraid to actually weigh myself & find out. But the fat rolls are reappearing. That's evidence enough.

And the fact that I know I've gained back some of the weight that was so hard to lose, it's so frustrating, that I can't even face it & I just stay in denial and eat the desserts.

I asked my six-year-old son what I should do if I made a mistake and he said, "Ask a grown-up."  Maybe I'll call into Jonathan Roche's show on Wednesday and try to get some encouragement/advice.

What do you all think?


carla said...

first get well. no need to ponder the exercise until then as youd be doing your body no favors.
next? come over to mizfit.
jump in the comments.
leave some whining :) and VENTING there (it works :) I always feel better!).

Ill chime in with thoughts and I know my readers will as well.

Next week we are tackling food as well...

d.fine09 said...

I hope you get feeling better. Sometimes I am not so sure the flu shot is worth it. I usually catch something along the way. However, I am sure the true flu is about the worst thing!

Looks like you are at least realizing the need to get up which is a start.

Krissie said...

I know what you mean. I was off track for 3 days (!) and my scale went up considerably (ugh!) and I'm having a hard time staying motivated. I'm doing it, but I'm fighting myself every step of the way.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment! You asked about my food pictures, and they couldn't be easier. I take pictures on one of two things. When I am out to dinner or at work, I usually use my iPhone. At home I usually use my nice camera. I just plug them into my computer, download the pictures, and just stick them right from iPhoto into my posts. It really couldn't be any easier.

Thanks again for stopping by! Hang in there!!