Friday, June 27, 2008

Summer Fitness

Hi friends! Those of you patient enough to keep reading even when the going gets tough (and the posts are fewer and farther between.)

I will now share all the new and exciting things I've been doing for my weight loss:


Crickets chirping.

Ok. Let's talk about something else instead. Like how hard it is to lose weight for me during the summer! I am jealous of those whose summers are really slow, lazy and relaxing, and they just lose their appetites and eat nothing but berries and salads. Except not lazy enough to stop them from running 5 miles on the beach each morning or something like that.

Unfortunately, with my 2 kids, summers are pretty stressful. They get bored and mischievous, and even without the extra shenanigans, we just get sick of each other!! There are no breaks for me at all! Even at swimming lessons, I can't sit on the lounge chairs and read books like most moms, because out of desperation to get my money's worth, I've been THE SWIMMING LESSON NAZI- bribing, threatening and cajoling my daughter to let go of the wall & go participate with her class.

What else about summer? Let's see. The heat makes me grouchy, therefore I want to eat. All the above stress makes me want to eat. The vacations, bbqs, & frequent party atmospheres make me want to eat.

The stress level for me right now is so high, that I know it will be too hard for me to succeed if I just cut myself off from the coping method of eating. So I think I will refocus myself on exercise. I had been doing GREAT before swimming lessons started. I had been doing 4 classes a week at the gym all at 9:30 a.m. But since swimming is from 10 to 11, I have had a hard time finding a different time and getting into the groove again.

But I know it will help with all the stress if I can just make it work & for now that is the baby step I prefer to work on (rather than food-- what a nightmare I've been sitting on the couch with my bag of pretzels and baking cookies every other day). Sigh! We can do this!

Lastly, here are some pictures of my two sisters, me and my niece going on a walk near Bridal Veil Falls while I was visiting in Utah. This was my one victory in the attempts at being healthy. Good job me. Pat, pat. (on my back). :)


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