Monday, June 9, 2008


I have a headache!!!!!!!!!!

I had this secret goal (so secret, that I couldn't even tell the blogging audience)... it's just such a small goal & now I'm telling you. Between Sunday and Thursday (when I leave to go out of town to my sister's wedding,) I wanted to be dessert-free. It's now the end of Monday & I have done really well. I know I can do 2 more days because I feel so good about this small accomplishment.

But it's just interesting to me because I'm not restricting my portions & this headache feels the same as a hunger headache. But I'm full. I just ate a healthy dinner. The conclusion I've come to is that I'm de-toxing from sugar and refined flour. Withdrawal! Because I haven't given up caffeine, either. Just desserts for now.

I've also noticed that it's depleting my supply of will-power. I couldn't get myself into my spin class this evening. I don't want to break my exercise streak, so I'm hoping that getting myself into the kick boxing class tomorrow morning won't be so difficult. I wish it wasn't one or the other! I'd really like to keep exercising AND eating healthily.

I just wanted to ask anyone else if they felt withdrawal symptoms when they started eating healthier?


G.G. said...

I got very nasty headaches when I started detoxing from flour and sugar. The good thing is that they'll pass--just a shame you have to feel bad in the interim.

Have fun at your sister's wedding!