Monday, June 2, 2008


= the amount of calories I just burned in my spin class!!!!!!!

Awesome! I was so excited I called my husband and bragged about it. It's the first time I wore my heart rate monitor in the class and used the calorie counting function. It bases your calories on your weight & heart rate, so I think it's pretty darn accurate.

I also just wanted to share my exercise goals with you. I have been having success on the program that Weight Watchers recommends, which is that they give you exercise points based on minutes you exercised, your weight and level of exertion. Based on this little quiz they gave me some weeks into the program, they said I was supposed to start at 8 exercise points per week, then go up one per week. I am now at 22 per week this week. I wanted to see if the exercise points translated over into calories burned. The WW slide rule says a spin class for me is 10 points, which should be roughly 1000 calories (100 per point, based on some random peoples' guessing... it's all I could find when I googled WW exercise points conversion into calories), but it turns out I burned a little more than 1000 calories.

So what I'm getting at is that my goal is going to be to keep building on that and burn 100 additional calories every week. So this week I'm measuring my exercise calories burned and seeing what that translates to when I shoot for 22 exercise points, then switch to calories burned next week. For example if I burn 2500 calories while getting 22 exercise points, my goal for next week will be 2600 calories burned.

I'm hoping this will help me keep progressing in my fitness and obviously drop weight, but what I've liked about this slow progression is that it stops me from burning myself out. I have had a habit in the past of going crazy with exercise, then getting sick or injured & everything comes to a screeching halt. Right now I'm in one of the longest unbroken exercise streaks I've been on since I started this blog, (knock on wood...), so I really do credit this system with keeping me from crashing & burning. Also, with exercise, I have this constant guilt. Just like when I was in school, I felt like I should constantly be studying because there was always more I could do. I was never finished. It was this horrible guilt that I lived with all the time. And since I have so much weight to lose, my brain says, "No, you can't take a day off. You need to be killing yourself until this weight is gone." And you can see the danger in that.

So now, when I've hit the WW exercise points goal for the week, I can feel good about myself and know I'm doing the correct thing for long-term fitness. Yes, I do tend to do the hardest classes early in the week to make sure I get all the points in, but I also consciously force myself to rest when I've hit my quota. Yay! Yay for exercising & burning 1376 calories, and yay for resting. :)


Fatinah said...

hey - great work!

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Hatch said...

Way to go Natalie! You are amazing. I remember th egood ole days when I would use the eliptical machine and felt like a movie star when I burned 500 calories. You are inspiring! The last time I exercised was August 30, 2006 (I'm not joking) and currently I am the size of a small whale. Ouch! Keep it up you are doing something AWESOME!

Natalie C. said...

Jenny, I'm pretty sure those eliptical machines are not accurate in counting your calories, if they didn't plug in your weight & keep track of your heart rate the whole time. I felt awesome at 500 calories, too! That was like my goal! But I bet for you, as well as me, it's actually possible about double.