Monday, April 7, 2008

Success then Sabotage

More updates: I was scared to death to weigh myself, since I ate whatever I wanted while I was sick in March. But my weight was 202.8!! Not bad at all. I may be able to show my face in the WW meeting next Saturday.

Except then I sabotaged myself by emotionally eating 4 candy bars and a donut today. I was dealing with something difficult last night, but I couldn't cry about it. I think if I had been able to, maybe all that food wouldn't have needed to stuff the feelings down today.

This post is basically a way for me to give myself a goal so I can start over tomorrow. New goal: to eat all my meals away from the tv, slowly, putting down the fork in between bites (a la Paul McKenna... has anyone watched that show? What do you think?).


Fatinah said...

not eating in front of the tv? what a novel freakin idea!!

Honi said...

okay i do everything u are not suppose too.. my husband and I like to fix a huge salad and share it in front of the tv.. we do that at least once a week.. its our time to be together.. laugh a little.. and relax after a work filled stress filled day.. I am also getting to a point where I am going to start working out on weekends.. I just can not get it together to do it on weekdays yet.. I have a great place to exercise but do I use it.. NO!!!!!! I pass it 5 days a week on the way home from work.. u would think I would get a clue.. but I am clueless for now.. so I am going to start small.. when I have time which is on the weekends and I am not so exhausted.. I think it is all about making attainable goals...

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