Saturday, October 6, 2007

Riddle: What medical condition has its own reality tv shows?

Answer: obesity. It's a medical condition. It's not a question of choosing good over evil, but of choosing health over sickness. I really liked the cheer that the red team on The Biggest Loser used: "1-2-3: LIVE!!!"

Another thing I liked that popped into my mind as I was watching the past couple episodes of TBL was how the trainers reminded the contestants that they can't have the attitude, "I can't." It was pretty obvious that that attitude was hurting the blue team a lot the past 2 shows. Bob would say, "This 'I can't' attitude is what got you so heavy. You can't think that way any more." So I had a little "Aha!" moment when I spotted that in my own thinking: The reason I stopped doing Weight Watchers was that it was too hard, and I didn't want to join and waste my money just to go ahead and fail. Well, if that's not "I can't" thinking, I don't know what is. I can't join Weight Watchers and be successful. I can't stay away from the sweets or stay within the limits of my points. I can't lose weight. I would have never pegged myself as a wimpy person with an "I can't" attitude. Well, surprise, surprise.

A lot of people have been talking to me about "The Secret." And I know one concept from that book is to use the phrase, "I am." It's even stronger than "I can." "I am a successful lifetime member of Weight Watchers." "I am eating in a healthy points range and calorie range." "I am a person within a healthy weight range." "I am a person who has overcome this difficult trial of losing weight." Yahoo! That will feel nice.

I'm going to work on the 'tude this week. How about you?


Cory said...

Definitely a very important attitude. I think that many of us subconsiously slip into this thinking without even realizing it. We just do, and never consider the thoughts behind it. More of us probably just need to take a week or two and think about this and work to correct it.