Monday, August 27, 2007

Home Sweet Home

Being out west with family. Whew! There were good times & bad times. (There's always family drama.) But I'm glad to be back. But I'm not glad that some extra pounds are back, too. :( I even went past my all-time record high. (ARRRRGGGHHH!!!) But the good part is, I was gone for 10 days, I exercised for 5 of them (and if I didn't come down with a cold while I was there, I may have done even better.) I was able to take nice hour long walks along the beach. The bad part was I pretty much had no choice what food was put in front of me. Yes, I did have a choice if I wanted to be rude & anti-social (yes, I know not everyone views it that way... I know, I know!! But I felt that way.) and find a way to eat my "own special food". But I didn't do that. And I did have a choice to cut down on quantity a little and not go to town on the fattening stuff. So hindsight is 20/20. Maybe I'll have better will-power next time.

Worth It:

  • Mom's French Toast
  • Bakery Items from yummy Utah stores (I wish so bad they shipped things out! If you're ever in Utah, stop by Kneaders. A close substitute is to order online from Lehi Roller Mills.)
  • Chocolate from BYU Bookstore (I swear, those Mormons are the best bakers & candy makers!)

Not Worth It:
  • Frozen French Toast Sticks served at my sister's house
  • Burnt Pillsbury cookies
  • Pizza 3 times
  • Bacon 2 times
  • The quantity I chose on the pancakes, waffles, fattening chicken sauce & spaghetti
  • Garlic cheese bread
  • Hamburgers
  • Hotdogs
Two more things:
  1. I am NOT quitting the challenges I'm in & I'm NOT leaving the "fit blog" community just because I'm not having a lot of success losing weight right now. I'm NOT giving up. I need that support from all of you, and I know I'll succeed with enough time & perseverance.
  2. I haven't forgotten the request for photos from the trip. I took a TON of pictures. Give me a few days... I'm probably going to open a Flikr account. :)


Kim said...

I'm glad to hear that you are home and had such a fun trip!!

And don't even THINK of dropping out of the challenges!! Good grief - this is just what they are meant for!!! :)

I know that you are going to have that vacation weight off in no time! :)

jodi said...

vacations are always hard and i don't care if you have every, good intention to be 'good' before you leave - it doesn't always happen... the key is to forgive yourself for overindulging and promising yourself to get back OP when you return... don't beat yourself up over this, the weight will be off before you know it! :o)