Friday, July 27, 2007

I have to share how I felt yesterday after I came out of my Taeboboxing class. I FELT AWESOME! It has not been such a successful weight loss week. I got on the scale yesterday & today and it said 206.2. So utterly sad. MUCH higher than it was a month ago. So I felt kind of mortified about it.

Last night I went to this class, as I mentioned, and I did get a good work out. But I was protecting my knee like crazy. Those classes really do involve a heck of a lot of side shuffling & turning jumping. We started boxing, upper cut, hook, jab, jab, jab, jab and we didn't have one single break from it for 55 minutes. I thought my back was going to die, but actually today it's not that bad! Yay!

At the end of the class, a sweet woman came up to me. She was probably around 60 years old (? hard to tell), but she had one of those super muscular bodies & younger looking hairstyles. But she was the sweetest lady in the world because she said, "You know, I could see you out of the corner of my eye, and you were really working hard. I wanted to say 'keep it up! way to go,' but you never know how people will take things." She wasn't gushy or anything. She was just mentioning it in the quietest way, but it affected me because I knew what she said was true. I felt like a million bucks when she said this to me. I was like beaming walking out to my car.

I was proud of myself for 1) going to the class at all! 2) that I was true to myself and didn't do the high impact that would have hurt my knee. 3) She's right! I did work hard. I didn't slop through the sit ups, but I paid attention to form and I did them all, even though I was tired.

Yay me. I do have to pay attention to what the scale is saying (pull back on the sweets), but yesterday I celebrated that non-scale victory. I allowed myself to be proud and joyful about that little accomplishment without holding back. And yay for people who encourage others & voice their admiration. Thank you to that sweetest woman for pointing out to me something about myself to applaud. ALSO-- after I go to the gym tonight, it will be the 2nd week in a row of accomplishing 1 hour of cardio per day for 5 days each week! Even though the scale really doesn't show it, that has to be good for me, right?!?!!


Christine said...

Good for you for pushing yourself in the class - and yes it takes nerve to even go to the class. :) Very nice to be acknowledged.

Weight wise. At least you know you have to stay on track. Thats the one thing that hurts people - they keep denying they are gaining - and its outta hand by the time they want to do anything.

You're doing such "a good job!" TAKE CARE.

JessiferSeabs said...

I am proud of you too!

Knee braces are a wonderful thing. I refuse to run without mine. It's so easy to twist the wrong way and then suffer for weeks!

Paige said...

Checking in to say hi! And way to go on class!