Tuesday, June 5, 2007

The Grocery Store Is Your Friend

First, an update on our crazy filtering software- it took out the word "innocent" from my last post! Why would it censor that word???????? Argh!!

Second, I am a new participant in the Make Yourself A Priority in 2007 Challenge for June. I am really excited, especially since it seems like so many of us are on the same page (digging deep and re-locating the motivation/commitment... ups & downs). My partners that I get to cheerlead are Jeannie, Amethyst, and Maria. Go "girls"!

Michelle, the guru of the challenge gave us an invitation to photograph a "before and "after" and do a little fridge makeover. So, ever willing to be candid, here is how my fridge looked last night:

Let me take you on a little tour. I'm proud to say, it's mostly good news with a little room for improvement. (In other words, this is not my splurge refuge. It is usually found elsewhere.) But actually, I will let it sink in that it's one thing that I'm doing well & not try to discount it or feel guilty for giving myself a pat on the back!!

The Good:

  • 1% milk- actually, honestly, I usually drink skim. It's not milk that puts on the pounds for me.
  • Salmon from Trader Joe's
  • Blue pitcher is what I fill with 8 cups of water every day, and I try to empty it by the end of the day.
  • Salsa-'s favorite ingredient
  • SparkPeople lunch leftovers which I ate today (beans, brown rice & low fat sour cream along with crackers & spicy eggplant dip)
  • Sugar-free jello
  • Whip cream (no weight watcher's points for 1 serving- believe it or not, it's very low cal & low fat because it's mostly air)
  • Smart Balance Light Buttery Spread- Omega 3- need I say more?
  • Whole wheat bread
  • I promise I'm not hiding any treats in the door. Just condiments, kids!
The Bad:
  • Chocolate and mint frosting leftover from the mint brownie episode.
  • Hardly any yummy fresh produce. A kiwi- that is really it. The rest is yucky & was thrown out after this picture.
  • Whipped cream cheese. Could be dangerous, but I promise I'm not abusing it.
Today as per my official June Goal (see sidebar) my breakfast wasn't good (I took my kids to McDonalds & didn't pick the low cal stuff for myself). BUT my lunch & dinner were good. Snacks... do you really want to hear this? Ok. We were desperate, we pulled out some chocolate from the freezer. But I ended up throwing it away since it was old & freezer burned. Also, I think I did the right thing today by making it a rest day from exercise. I'd like to be burning calories, but my body was truly exhausted from yesterday, not getting enough sleep & getting over a cold. Like I said, I can't let myself be a perfectionist on this, or I'll burn out.

So to solve some of the food challenges I was having today, I sent my husband to the grocery store this evening to get food for my SparkPeople meal plans for the rest of the week. Not going to the store often enough triggers set backs for me. Back when I was successful on Weight Watchers (before my son was born way back in 2002), I did really well on the program when I was practically a Trader Joe's rat.

If it's dramatically different & exciting, I'll post the fridge "after" photo tomorrow. Good luck to you all. Get those grocery lists going!


jeannie* said...

I'm in Trader Joes withdraw... and this post didnt help! hah. I moved to Charlotte last year from NJ where there was a TJ's like 2 minutes away. The closest TJs here is like 2 hours away!!!!! Though apparently one is opening in August... please hurry up and be august so I can get my soytzels and TJs salmon patties again! heehee.

And I will say that your fridge looks wonderful!! Keep it up :)

Cory said...

Can't wait to see the after!

I'm so glad that you joined us in the challenge. It's great to have another person to chat with on weight loss issues.

I hope you can get your filter under control. Can you maybe turn it off when you do your post and then turn it back on when you are finished? Those filters really do pick the strangest things to delete. I remember not being able to research breast cancer online in high school because of the school's filter!

~~Midnight Raider~~ said...

Cool fridge photos! Looks like you're already eating pretty healthy!

Amethyst said...

Welcome! Great to have you as a partner!

Honi said...

Way to go with the fridge and the lists thats awesome.. I am a Whole Food Fan... we do not have a Trader Joes.. but I have a feeling they are similiar places... Good luck too u

Fatinah said...

just stopping by to say welcome to the challenge!!!!!