Saturday, May 19, 2007

Mint Brownies: You Can't Take Them With You When You Die

I wish I could explain to you how much I love mint brownies. There is an elite list of comfort foods that I have, and yes, I know everyone has them. Mint brownies are on that list, cinnamon rolls, sugar cookies, the list is longer & includes mostly breads & sweets. My husband knows that mint brownies are on that list. For Mother's Day, he gave me some homemade mint brownies. Yes, brownies. Not jewelry, perfume or something for the house. My mother's day gift was mint brownies!

So, the other day I started to worry about the psychological (and spiritual?) health of someone who loves these foods THAT much. The brownies were almost gone, but not quite, and my husband threw away the remainder. When I found out, I was really peeved. And it hit me that I didn't like how greedy I was being about these stupid treats. I reminded myself a bit of the story of the miser that spends his life amassing money thinking that it gives him power and then he dies & guess what- you can't take it with you.

I wish I could better understand the psychological reasons why I can't just stop at one or why eating the treats brings me so much happiness that I'm willing to trade it for a healthy body weight.

One psychologist I talked to suggested fasting. Does it have to do with the fear of being hungry or the lack of appreciation for food in general since I usually don't have to go hungry? In the religion I practice, we fast once a month (=go without food & water) for 2 meals, then give the money we would have spent on food toward a fund for the poor of our area. We are supposed to use it as a time to let the spirit overcome the demands of the physical body and get closer to God. I do practice this, and although I'm not the best at having a good attitude about it, I know that's not what would fix the problem for me.

Another psychologist asked if I was nourishing my body in other ways. In other words, was I stuffing my face at times, not because I was physically starving, but emotionally starving, or not getting other nourishment that I needed in terms of enough sleep, etc.? I think that's closer to the mark, especially since I eat so much junk and comfort food when I'm stressed. Honestly, though, I still don't know what to do about it. And I guess I better find out before I find myself at the end of my life not having valued the right things ENOUGH. Oh, of course I love my family more than treats, and I love God more than I love treats. But why do I spend so much time thinking about treats, making them, and worrying about eating enough of them? I don't want to be a brownie miser.

I'd love to hear your ideas about changing my outlook and my psychological need for the treats. If I don't change, I'm afraid that I will end up to be the woman in the casket, a lifeless hand beautifully arranged, clutching a mint brownie near my heart.


Chris H said...

Until you learn to really love something else (not food related) those mint brownies are gunna stay the no' 1 treat. I was just like you once, and I put it down to having nothing else in my life I loved more, like being fit and healthy, shopping for lovely clothes, feeling fantastic about myself and my life on a whole... You can agonise over the psychological reasons behind needing the treat till you are blue in the face, it won't help.... you need to DO SOMETHING about your weight, it is holding you down and making you want those evil treats.... once the weight starts to come off you are going to feel a million times better about yourself and you simply wont need or want those things anymore. I don't know how you will take my comment, but I hope it helps... I am only voicing MY opinion from how I felt about the same sort of problem ... maybe it isn't the same for you...but it just sounds to me like you are using food as an emotional crutch... you won't need it when you find what is holding you back from finding yourself again. Oh darn, I have rambled on too much!

honib1 said...

Okay this is my belief... I think there are foodies out there.. folks who love to cook and love to eat and appreciate good food. This does not make them crazy or addictive or anything.. food is a pleasure to them.. thats it.. I am a foodie. HOWEVER I also use food as a blanket.. thats the part I work on now.. Mint choc brownies are delightful.. a taste of heaven.. nothing is wrong with you that you really enjoy that treat. Your husband however should have known better and gotten u a book, a gift card, a romantic dinner, If he knows u are working on making changes .. the last thing he should give you is one of your favorite treats.. those should be saved.. and enjoyed.. once u are on the matienence portion of your program. I know you treasure those brownies like edable gold.. and I know its hard.. and yes I have been pissed off when a favorite food of mine has been tossed out.. its annoying.. but in the long run.. okay.. I really did not need it.. its just hard making changes .. and as an adult making changes it is even harder.. So do I think u are wrong for loving a food indulgence NO WAY.. just take it all one step at time.. breath.. be aware of your choices when you eat.. and be prepared when you eat.. making the treats you know are better for you.. if you love mint brownies.. go get some of those York Peppermint Tins.. they have little chocolate and mint candies in them.. if u eat a whole tin its only 90 calories. If u must have mint and chocolate... find substitutes that are more calorie friendly.. and foods that are better for your body.. be aware, breath.. and realize how special and unique u are.. and that a lot of us out here.. know exactly how those cravings are... wish you well my friend..