Saturday, May 12, 2007

When you didn't lose fat, you lost water

I have found it helpful/motivating to weigh myself every day. I know there are 2 schools of thought on this, but for my particular personality/situation, I am in the weigh-yourself-every-day school of thought.

For me, it gives me imediate feedback on what is going on with my body at the moment. If I have gained a few pounds, I know that I am bloated, constipated, whatever, and that I weighed 3 pounds less yesterday, so I don't freak out thinking that "exercise is useless & I will now give up." When I used to weigh weekly, it would go all wrong. I'd work really hard all week just to see a gain, or I'd be horrible & cheat all week, just to see a loss. And this every day system has given me the reality check that I can't take the credit for losing weight on a day that I'm sick or dehydrated. I can only take the credit when I've burned some serious calories and eaten less. The only happy weight loss is the fat. Not muscle. Not water. Here is what I learned from Fitness Magazine that I thought I'd share with you below.

Things that make your weight artificially low:

  • Sweating a lot
  • Just having worked out
  • Drinking alcohol (dehydrates you)
  • Eating a lot of protein (generates extra waste products, you pee a lot, you lose water)
  • Being sick (again, dehydration)
  • Coffee, any caffeine (or other diuretics)

Things that make your weight artificially high:
  • The clothes you have on
  • You just barely drank a lot of water
  • You just ate a bunch of vegetables (they are fibrous & full of water & will add weight until they digest)
  • You ate a lot of salty foods
  • You're constipated
How 'm I doin?
Eating: Terrible. I have been snorting down desserts until I'm stuffed. Just writing this blog is helping me re-commit to thinking about it more in terms of MODERATION & just coming back to my senses.
Exercising: Awesome! Up until last week I never missed even one day of my work-out routine. But last week I missed a few days, including yesterday, being sick. But the truth is, I'm getting a bit bored. I think I need to shell out the huge amount of cash & meet with the personal trainer again. The main motivator for me is that it is like black & white how much it helps with my depression. So I can't quit now (or even slow down! I was doing so awesome!).


JessiferSeabs said...

Oh, is this why I saw 178 on the scale yesterday, after drinking approximately a bottle of wine on Saturday night, and today 182?! ;-)

honib1 said...

sounds like some great ideas there... I weigh 3 times a week and once a month now is an official weigh in.. so I know what you are saying... Sounds like you are doing a super job even with the dessert snorting... blogging does help... Much luck