Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Some Food Journaling

... not to publish this as a good example, but more of an opportunity for those WW veterans, those fiber & veggie addicts, those able to succeed in avoiding sugar... to actually mock what a job I'm doing feeding myself. Go ahead. I deserve it. Here are the last 3 days give or take a Hershey's kiss:

B: Cheerios, skim milk, sugar
L: Stouffer's tuna & noodles
D: Portabella mushrooms, onions, sundried tomatoes, frescata type roll, spinach salad with raspberries & balasamic vinegar
S: Cinnamon scone, skim milk

B: Cheerios, skim milk, sugar
L: 2 McDonald's chicken snack wraps, small fries, 3 chocolate chip cookies
D: Artichoke soup, 1 slice whole wheat bread with Smart Balance buttery spread, lite Ceasar salad from a bag
S: graham cracker

The Day Before:
B: Cheerios, skim milk, sugar
S: 1/2 banana
L: Brown rice, broccoli, Purdue Shortcuts chicken, chocolate cupcake
D: Grilled ginger marinated chicken, tortilla salad from a bag
S: frozen mixed berries & vanilla yogurt


Chris H said...

I have seen worse! Don't mock yourself, think seriously about what you really want, and go from there... you know what you are doing, we all do.... Wanna stay overweight, cos I don't!

Natalie C. said...

Chris H- I just don't know how to heal that disconnect between what I want and my actions. And then again, why don't I want it more? Sure, I want to look good and be healthy, but obviously not as much as I want the comfort food. Why is that??