Monday, April 9, 2007

Body By Barb

Sorry for my recent lack of posting. Things that have been keeping me busy include cleaning up throw-up for 45 minutes (my son's), learning how to make a video on Windows Movie Maker (see all my hard work at (my "kids' blog"), and last but not least, exercising my butt off! Yay for me!

Barb is a personal trainer at the gym I go to. She gave me this plan to follow:
Monday: 60 minutes of cardio
Tuesday: 15-30 min. of weights, then 30-60 min. cardio
Wed. rest
Thurs.: 15-30 min. of weights, then 30-60 min. cardio
Fri.: 60 min. cardio
Sat.: 60 min. cardio
Sun.: rest

The weight routine is:

  • Horizontal Quad press
  • Cross Cable system, Lat pull while standing on wobble board
  • Cross Cable system, chest (straight arms, pull from stretched out to side at shoulder level to stretched out in front of you) while doing lunges
  • Step onto step alternating legs while doing bicep curls and overhead presses with dumbbells
  • Two arm bent-over row with dumbbells
  • Crunches and cross over sit ups using the exercise ball
  • Lean your body sideways over the exercise ball and feet against the wall, outside arm behind head and reach upwards challenging your obliques.

I have been getting in the 1 hour/day 5 days/week for the past 3 weeks!!!!! I know it's a very slow way to lose weight (just exercise & not much change in diet), but I have seen some results. I'm down to about 205 (-3 lbs since the last time I posted my weight).

On the food topic- what I've been managing to do is set micro-goals. Smaller than mini-goals. For example, today my goal was just not to eat dessert. Other examples of my 1-day-only goals have been to avoid hydrogenated & saturated fat, to avoid high-fructose corn syrup, to drink 8 glasses of water. One day I eliminated white flour. (That was quite a good healthy day. I was allowed chocolate, though. See why I can make it through a goal like that?) For me it's next to impossible to eliminate all of it, all at once. I would crash and burn and quit. So these are my baby steps.


honib1 said...

YAY NATALIE!!!!!!!! I think that is great.. U know I took you down from my blogs because everytime I went to check your blog it said your site was down.. so I am putting you back on my list right now... Your goals are great and rock on with the exercise and thanks so much for your positive comment on my blog.. I so appreciate it ..

Megan said...

Congrats on the great weight loss! You're doing a fanatastic job. I love the one day only goals. That's an awesome idea. I should incorportate that type of thing into my daily life, too.

TrixieBelden said...

Congrats on sticking with the exercise plan and the 3 lb. loss and staying sane while cleaning up vomit! You are doing so well! Baby steps are a great idea. I need to be reminded of that. (And thank you for your comment on my blog.)

Tigerlilly said...

HI!! We do have ALOT in common... so I appreciate you posting your workout schedule. I am going to give it a try.

Congrats on the weight loss... a little at a time!

My goal for tomorrow... BE HAPPY!!

Have a Blessed Weekend and I will definatley be checking back in!

Lindsey said...

I just found your blog through Kathryn. I was destined to find this today! I just recommitted myself to the weight loss battle. I hope you don't mind if I stop by and check in once in awhile.

You can do it!