Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Some Food Journaling

... not to publish this as a good example, but more of an opportunity for those WW veterans, those fiber & veggie addicts, those able to succeed in avoiding sugar... to actually mock what a job I'm doing feeding myself. Go ahead. I deserve it. Here are the last 3 days give or take a Hershey's kiss:

B: Cheerios, skim milk, sugar
L: Stouffer's tuna & noodles
D: Portabella mushrooms, onions, sundried tomatoes, frescata type roll, spinach salad with raspberries & balasamic vinegar
S: Cinnamon scone, skim milk

B: Cheerios, skim milk, sugar
L: 2 McDonald's chicken snack wraps, small fries, 3 chocolate chip cookies
D: Artichoke soup, 1 slice whole wheat bread with Smart Balance buttery spread, lite Ceasar salad from a bag
S: graham cracker

The Day Before:
B: Cheerios, skim milk, sugar
S: 1/2 banana
L: Brown rice, broccoli, Purdue Shortcuts chicken, chocolate cupcake
D: Grilled ginger marinated chicken, tortilla salad from a bag
S: frozen mixed berries & vanilla yogurt

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Spring Cleaning

Mother nature has been procrastinating like crazy before giving this DC area any warm weather. Some weeks ago, we had a couple 70 degree days & even an 80 degree day. So I was forced to break out the capris, burmuda shorts, etc. that I wore last year. Some still fit but horrifically, some were er... um.... had shrunk in the dryer?? Yeah, yeah. That's it. I recently heard that several different weight loss mentors veto the practice of keeping "skinny clothes." No more "skinny jeans," etc.

"Oh, but it's my motivation to lose weight," you say. Really? I'm on the mentors' side on this one, actually. It's NEVER worked for me before, and what it does to me is make me feel bad about myself every time I look at it. Totally depressing! Guilt & self-flagellation are not a good motivators for me. And let's be real. By the time I do lose the weight, that item of clothing will be pathetically out of style & you could find much cuter stuff in the stores. Plus, saving clothes in 4 different sizes made my closet a big cluttery disaster. Who has room for that?

So I have to tell you, it felt quite liberating to banish clothing that didn't fit me. We always keep a bag handy that we're filling up with stuff we don't use anymore & it was easy to just make the decision, throw it in the bag & in a week, it was gone forever- thrown into the Good Will trailer. And the question is- did I give up on the weight loss & decide that since I threw away the too-small-clothes I could just sit on the couch & eat chips? Actually I didn't, amazingly enough. I still have the same goal to get more fit and healthy. This week will be the 5th week in a row that I've exercised 5 days a week/1 hour sessions. I'm going strong on the exercise & the mini-goals* are hit or miss, but they would be that way anyway. But I have a neater closet & less guilt floating around.

Losing weight is a little bit like de-tox, isn't it? Too much sugar or bad fats poison your body & make you more susceptible to heart disease, diabetes, cancer, etc., etc. Exercise clears your head, helps you sweat out the toxins, burns excess fat. Why not unload other things that are bad for you or make YOU feel bad about YOURSELF? Start by getting rid of the toxic clothing.

Mini-goals for this week:
Wed. (today): write in this blog
Thurs.: Read a chapter from Body Clutter
Fri.: Listen for negative thoughts and replace with positive thoughts
Sat.: Journal all my food for the day.
Sun.: Watch portions- shoot for palm size servings.
Mon.: Eat one more serving of fruit/vegetables than I would normally eat.
Tues.: Watch my posture all day. Suck in that gut.

Monday, April 9, 2007

Body By Barb

Sorry for my recent lack of posting. Things that have been keeping me busy include cleaning up throw-up for 45 minutes (my son's), learning how to make a video on Windows Movie Maker (see all my hard work at (my "kids' blog"), and last but not least, exercising my butt off! Yay for me!

Barb is a personal trainer at the gym I go to. She gave me this plan to follow:
Monday: 60 minutes of cardio
Tuesday: 15-30 min. of weights, then 30-60 min. cardio
Wed. rest
Thurs.: 15-30 min. of weights, then 30-60 min. cardio
Fri.: 60 min. cardio
Sat.: 60 min. cardio
Sun.: rest

The weight routine is:

  • Horizontal Quad press
  • Cross Cable system, Lat pull while standing on wobble board
  • Cross Cable system, chest (straight arms, pull from stretched out to side at shoulder level to stretched out in front of you) while doing lunges
  • Step onto step alternating legs while doing bicep curls and overhead presses with dumbbells
  • Two arm bent-over row with dumbbells
  • Crunches and cross over sit ups using the exercise ball
  • Lean your body sideways over the exercise ball and feet against the wall, outside arm behind head and reach upwards challenging your obliques.

I have been getting in the 1 hour/day 5 days/week for the past 3 weeks!!!!! I know it's a very slow way to lose weight (just exercise & not much change in diet), but I have seen some results. I'm down to about 205 (-3 lbs since the last time I posted my weight).

On the food topic- what I've been managing to do is set micro-goals. Smaller than mini-goals. For example, today my goal was just not to eat dessert. Other examples of my 1-day-only goals have been to avoid hydrogenated & saturated fat, to avoid high-fructose corn syrup, to drink 8 glasses of water. One day I eliminated white flour. (That was quite a good healthy day. I was allowed chocolate, though. See why I can make it through a goal like that?) For me it's next to impossible to eliminate all of it, all at once. I would crash and burn and quit. So these are my baby steps.