Friday, March 2, 2007

Meet Excuse #3 and Excuse #4 for my being at least 50 pounds overweight. So here's the story that I'm sticking with (or actually maybe I'm not sticking with it any more. I'm abandoning it as something that repeats in my mind over and over again and probably impedes my progress. See my last post.)

Anyway, back to the story. Before I had Eli, I went on weight watchers weighing somewhere around 179. I got down to somewhere around 165-169 depending on the day. Well, I gained 50 pounds while pregnant with Eli. Then post partum, I only lost 30 of that 50. Yes I went to weight watchers, but I never got down too much past 170-175. Then I had Mia & only gained 30. I lost 20 of that 30, but have since then gained an additional unimaginable amount so I am now right around delivery weight, and contrary to what some rude people assume (and even ask!!! yes! how devastating. But I'm not the first one that's been asked if I was pregnant when I'm not, and I won't be the last,) I'M NOT EXPECTING A BABY!

A little tangent for the good of society: here's a rule you can stick to if you are one of those people that is tempted to ask someone if they're pregnant when you don't know for sure if they are: NEVER ASK SOMEONE IF THEY ARE PREGNANT UNLESS YOU SEE AN ACTUAL BABY EMERGING FROM THEM.

So mentally, I need to learn not to complain about leftover baby weight. Wad it up and cast it into the fire. Just look forward to what good things can happen with my weight in the future.

Since I want to end on a good note, I will tell you something unfortunate first: Girl Scout Cookies have entered our house. I was powerless against them. (I've heard a lot that will power is overrated & you mostly just need to make sure things like that stay far away from you.) Oh well. We will just pick up ourselves up where we fell off the wagon and continue onwards...!

A great thing to report: today I went to my first spin class. And I didn't die! I think my resistance/tension level on the bike was possibly lower than it should have been, but I actually had a good time. A great thing about it is that I won't be scared of the unknown anymore. It'll be easy to go again & I hope it will be a frequent habit.


Blissful Loser said...

Isn't it amazing what our bodies can do when we actually set our minds to it. Everytime I try something new in the form of exercise, I come out with the same feeling "I didn't die"! Keep up the great work!

Kim said...

Hi Natalie! I just wanted to thank you for visiting my blog! It sure sounds like we have a lot in common with the wee ones. How old are your little ones? They are adorable!!

Best of luck to you as you work towards your goal! Don't give up on yourself, ou can do it!!

honib1 said...

hey there Natalie.. CONGRATS on the SPIN CLASS that is excellent... you are a far braver woman than me.... as far as the eating goes.. if chocolate or sweets are a thing for you.. check out those 100 calorie treat bags .. I have seen all kinds .. from choc chip cookies to crackers in little portion controlled sizes... I think they have some kind that are similiar to thin mint girl scout cookies... I dont know much about them.. ohh and another trick I have found.. I bought the little YORK Peppermint Tins that are out now.. and inside those are little candy coated mints with a coating of dark chocolate.. you can have 3 of those for 10 calories.. they are SOOO GOOD.. i love them.. just had one a few minutes ago .. and it helps with my chocolate cravings.. also try sugar free fudge bars by POPCICLE or your local brand.. those are good craving crushers too. I am so impressed with you for the exercising.. keep it up!!!

Rosie said...

I love spinning! After a few times, maybe 4 your bottom won't hurt and it almost becomes addicting! I need to get back to that!
Thanks for commenting on my blog a bit ago!
Keep up the hard work!