Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Ch ch ch changes

So the final & last excuse I'd like to vent & then painfully wad it up and throw into the bonfire is this one: I have handled every major change in my life by adding 5 pounds to my body.

  • Moved in 5th grade- gained 5 pounds
  • Hit puberty- gained 5 pounds
  • Moved in 9th grade- gained 5 pounds
  • Moved in 11th grade- gained 5 pounds
  • Moved in 12th grade- gained 5 pounds
  • Went to college- gained 5 pounds
  • Served an LDS mission- gained 5 pounds
  • Done with college moved- gained 5 pounds
  • Got married- gained 5 pounds
  • My dad died- gained 5 pounds
  • Had my kids- well... of course I gained a lot but I never quite lost it all (let's say I kept around 20 extra pounds because of the whole experience)
  • Moved within the state here in VA- gained 5 pounds

Voila! I weigh what I weigh now, which this morning was about 209. Luckily, I don't foresee any immediate big changes, but maybe I can make a giant NOTE TO SELF, and the next time I'm facing a huge change, double up on the exercise or try to lay off on the comfort eating.

But in the meantime a big part of my life RIGHT NOW is all about getting rid of this very physical baggage.

Here's my mini-report to you all: I've got another spin class under my belt. Yay! (Did I say I had a good time in the spin class in my last post? I must have lied. It really isn't fun. But I did feel good afterwards, and I feel like I'm getting more bang for my buck with this type of cardio.) With my eating, I haven't been the poster child for weight watchers or any other diet, but here's the positive part- all my breakfasts have been stellar. I've only eaten instant oatmeal every day (either Weight Control type or Women's Nutrition.) It's a good start in more ways than one.


honib1 said...

YAY on the exercise again.. Do you have a Whole Foods Market near you.. ?? Ours just opened last week.. there are some great options there .. you have to be careful though unless you want to break the bank... We have decided it is going to be our regular shopping place and Publix will be for the extras... Oatmeal is a great idea.. try tossing in some sliced banana or a handful of blueberries.. I nuke mine with the fruit and it is YUMMMMMY.. the banana tastes like banana bread and the blue berry is great.. I just started using the Whole Foods oatmeal brand 365 .. its pretty good but I like the Kashi brand and also the Low sugar ones by Quaker... add the fruit if you like fruit it gives the cereal more bulk and helps fill you up...
You are heading in the right direction and thats the most important thing!!!!

MissXXL said...

Hey, congrats on the spinning! I've always wanted to try that but I am too self conscious :)