Sunday, March 11, 2007

Calling All Helpful Books

Going on the theory that being educated on a subject helps you convert to that specific way of life, I am doing some homework. Here are a few weight loss books I have on my shelf. I'd love your suggestions for others to add. And I'm shooting for ones that deal with eating psychology, *GOOD* recipes/menu plans, and the medical science of weight loss (like the Dr. Oz books).

Also, an author I'm very intrigued with is Geneen Roth. But she's written a lot of books on the subject. Have you read any? Which one should I start with?

A little report for you:

Exercise since I last wrote: Just one 45 minute walk yesterday. Better than nothing.

Food: I can't even talk about it. But the past few days I've been doing really well with WATER drinking.

Weight: 207.5


honib1 said...

Natalie YOU have got to give yourself credit.. great on the walking... Great on the water.. now work on the food... take it one step at a time.. check out the program I follow.. MAYO CLINIC HEALTHY WEIGHT FOR EVERYBODY.. u can get the book on AMAZON.. I think... GOOD LUCK , HAVE A GREAT WEEK