Saturday, February 24, 2007

Metabolism Mess

My husband & I went to Brigham Young University for our undergraduate degrees. And through thick & thin, we are also BYU football fans. The past several years have been a bit rough for the football team. They fired a coach year before last & hired a man named Bronco Mendenhall. He had a great season this past fall & due in part to his unconventional approaches.

We read an article in BYU Today that said when the coach first started out, he invited all the players to a bonfire gathering up in the mountains. He gave the players piles of sheets of papers on which they were to write everything they thought was wrong with the past football program. The players wrote & wrote and the sheets filled up fast. Then they started to read them aloud one by one. When they were done with each one, the coach took the paper & threw it in the fire. When he was done with that, he took a helmet from the past season and threw IT into the fire along with a uniform from the past season. They changed the uniforms, the logo on the helmets and symbollically burned up any excuses for past bad behavior.

I'd like to submit to you my "Excuse #2" for wadding up and throwing into the bonfire. I just need to get it out and complain about it and be purged of it.

Well, anyone my age has the old boring excuse of "my metabolism isn't what it used to be." I always say that at midnight on the night of your 26th birthday, 1 twinkie turns into 12 twinkies. But in addition to that bleak truth, I've been taking medications for depression & insomnia that have helped a little with the depression, but have turned around and depressed my metabolism. In 2 months after starting these meds, I gained 20 pounds. Then after a year and half, I gained 10 more. Tragically, these pounds didn't go away when I stopped taking the medicine that makes you gain weight. It's up to me on my own to work them off.

So anyway, I feel like my deck's been stacked a little unfairly. But that's it. No more moaning about this excuse. But I still have a couple more excuses to write down on this blog & then I'll be done. Bear with me.

Just to let you know, though, speaking of bearing burdens, I had 30 minutes of weight lifting today and over an hour of stationery bike at the gym. Go me!


honib1 said...

you go !!! THATS SO AWESOME ABOUT THE GYM YOU ARE FAR BETTER THAN ME..I have an appointment to go to tonite and then tommorow nite I am going swimming... it takes discipline to go exercise.. and it takes the desire to want to make oneself healthier to keep persevering... Keep at it!! .. glad you liked the PB idea..!!

Tee said...

What an awesome post!!!

I think that was a great idea that the coach presented to the players. Now only if I can take that approach to any weight loss excuse I have. How awesome is that????

Thanks for your wonderful words on my blog. They are appreciated. I hope you don't mind, but I want to link your blog to my blog. I would love to be a daily/weekly reader.

Let me know if this is ok at weightwatchnwoman[at] Once I get your confirmation, I will link you to my blog.


MissXXL said...

Youre a really great writer! Good luck on your journey :)