Friday, February 23, 2007

Excuse #1

I am searching, searching for my motivation to make changes and stick with them, and for some reason, I want to talk about what got me into this mess. Then when I'm done explaining to you all my many excuses, then maybe I can forget about the past and move on to progress in the future.

Excuse #1 for weighing as much as I do:

I had knee surgery last year. Last Feb. I was in a KICKBOXING class and landed badly not once but twice and ruined my meniscus and ACL. It was one of those things where I should have slowed down & not done those jumps... the spirit was so willing but the flesh was weak. I had surgery in March, and a second one in August. All my cardio exercises came SCREECHING to a halt. I had really loved jogging and those types of aerobics classes with the (evil) high impact. But forget about it until May/June of this year ONLY (says my doctor) if I train properly & even then- sort of a bad idea. Sob! Sob!

I had been sailing along at a plateau of about 180 or so after my 2 kids were born (stay tuned for excuse #2) and keeping from gaining tons by all the cardio (because it's so not fun to restrict your diet...) So now I have to sort of change paradigms and it's hard. I know I can try spin classes or power walking, but I haven't acquired the taste for them yet & I'm just in a slump with the whole cardio thing.

Check out this weird week of weighing myself (same time of day every day- 1st thing in the morning):
2/17: 209 lbs
2/18: 207 lbs
2/19: 210 lbs
2/20: 201.5 lbs (Hello! Welcome to the twilight zone! I weighed myself twice & sure enough! And my jeans were even loose that day. But it didn't last)
2/21: 207 lbs

Exercise: pretty pathetic. Only one day I did a Yoga for Weight Loss video.

Eating bad stuff: yep. But I'm not going to dwell on it. Someone needs to throw that peanut butter fudge away!!!!!!!!!


honib1 said...

Where there is a will there is a way Natalie... You can do this... you just have to change your focus... FORGET the high impact stuff.. Just go on walk... with or with out your kids... Get in a pool.. move move move.. its all the same thing.. anything that makes your body move burns calories.. no need in breaking bones or tearing meniscus' anymore.. I KNOW frome where I speak.. I was in PT for 6 months this past year, 3 herniated disks in my back, 1 torn miniscus, and lastly severe tendenitis in my right foot causing me to wear one of those big black boots for about 3 weeks until I could actually put weight on my foot correctly... I know about the body breaking down... Here are some tips that might help or gross you out LOL..
1 go to your grocery store and lift a 10 pound back of flour.. or ask to see 1 pound of fat .. ( thats gross) imagine that ten times over.. YOU want Peanut butter.. have I got a peanut butter for you.. PB2 .. it is a powdered form of peanut butter.. you can use it in baking or mix 2 tablespoons with 1 tablespoon water.. and POOF you have PB for a PB sandwich.. you can also just add a teaspoon or 2 to jelly and instant PB7J sandwich.. this stuff is heaven... 54 calories per 2 tablespoons and 2.8 grams of fat.. it is so good.. You have to order it though from Bell Plantatin in Georgia.. Google it.. or if you want the link email me at and I will be happy to share.. My sweetie has a business appointment in that area next week and he is going to see if he can stop there and get me some that way...otherwise its over the internet again which is fine by me.. anyhowwww. Have a great day.. and much much luck!!!!!!

Suzie Petunia said...

I support you whole-heartedly on your quest!

The only exercise I know and love is running. But I can't do that now that I'm so close to having this baby. I'm in the midst of the ONLY time(s) in my life when I don't care what I weigh ... since I'm pregnant. In about 12 weeks I'll be freaking out and regreting the Dove ice cream I ate tonight... and most nights these days. Oh, the miles I will have run!